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mardi 16 septembre 2008
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Les nouveautés des update de solaris 8

Solaris 8 2/02
Solaris 8 10/01
Solaris 8 7/01
Solaris 8 4/01
Solaris 8 1/01
Solaris 8 10/00
Solaris 8 6/00
<A href="">Solaris Remote Shared Memory (RSM)
<A href="">Application interface to Remote Shared memory on clusters (SPARC)
<A href="">Custom Jumpstart Boot over WAN
<A href="">Apache Web Server 1.3.12
<A href="">Adding multiple open files to e-mail
<A href="">Apache Web server supports Java servlets
<A href="">Enhanced directory name lookup cache (DNLC)
<A href="">Sun Fire Inter-Domain Networking (IDN)
<A href="">Disk soft partitions
<A href="">Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) service
<A href="">appcert utility included in developer cluster
<A href="">Algorithm that controls virtual/physical pages enhancement for increased system performance
<A href="">Generic LAN driver (GLD) available for Solaris software, SPARC and Intel Platform Editions
<A href="">Generic security services application programming interface (GSS-API)
<A href="">Modifications to Alternate Threading Library
<A href="">Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) 3.0
<A href="">IP network multipathing (IPMP) update
<A href="">Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) version 8.2.2 (DNS update)
<A href="">Alternate pathing software for Sun Enterprise servers update
<A href="">High-Availability (HA) drivers : Explains how to design drivers to support HA
<A href="">Graphical workspace manager
<A href="">CPR for Sun Blade 100, 1000 and 2000 Workstations
<A href="">Frame Buffer Power Management
<A href="">Solaris JumpStart enhancements
<A href="">Driver hardening test harness
<A href="">Diskless client management
<A href="">IP network multipathing
<A href="">Mobile internet protocol (IP)
<A href="">WBEM Process Indication
<A href="">Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v.1.3.1
<A href="">Linkers and Libraries Guide update
<A href="">Generic LAN driver (GLD) update
<A href="">Dynamic intimate shared memory (DISM)
<A href="">Java 2 SDK 1.2.2_05a new features
<A href="">Patch analyzer upgrade
<A href="">Support for the New Chinese GB18030 Locale Encoding
<A href="">Lower power consumption
<A href="">Live upgrade
<A href="">Graphical workspace manager
<A href="">Dynamic reconfiguration (DR) error messages
<A href="">Linkers and Libraries Guide update
<A href="">Removable media management support for DVD-ROMs, Zip drives, Jaz drives
<A href="">LTO/Ultrium Tape Driver Ssupport
<A href="">Play-only and record-only devices to sdtaudio and sdtaudiocontrol
<A href="">Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide revision
<A href="">IP multipathing module update
<A href="">E-cache software recovery
<A href="">Removable media management update
<A href="">Removable media manager
<A href="">Netra T4 and X1 Platform Support
<A href="">PXE network boot (Intel Architecture only)
<A href="">Solaris Network Cache Accelerator (NCA)
<A href="">Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.2.2_07a update
<A href="">J2SE 1.1.8_12 update
<A href="">Removable media manager update
<A href="">System interface guide update
<A href="">Netra ct 800 Platform Extension Support
<A href="">RSMAPI (Remote shared memory API)
<A href="">Point-to-point protocol (PPP) 4.0
<A href="">J2SE v.1.3.0 SDK
<A href="">J2SE 1.2.2_06 update
<A href="">Solaris print manager sets up a universal serial bus (USB) printer attached to SPARC system with USB ports
<A href="">Tasks, projects and extended accounting
<A href="">Solaris Live Upgrade 2.0
<A href="">Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual update
<A href="">Mobile IP update
<A href="">Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) support in iPlanet Web server directory server
<A href="">Sun Validation Test Suite (SunVTS) update
<A href="">Window list
<A href="">Solaris PPP 4.0
<A href="">Sun Gigaswift Ethernet driver support
<A href="">mp Print Filter Enhancement : enables x-server support to improve Asian printing and use of PC printers
<A href="">Linkers and Libraries Guide update
<A href="">Universal transformation format-8 (UTF-8) adds locales for Russian, Polish and Catalan
<A href="">Support for Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Processor update
<A href="">Stereo viewing in sdtaudio
<A href="">Vectored sendfile system call
<A href="">Netscape 4.76
<A href="">Management modules in Solaris Management Console ; role-based access control (RBAC) enhancement
<A href="">Utility for writing CD-R and CD-RW disks included
<A href="">USB support and USB audio support
<A href="">Reconfiguration coordination manager (RCM) public API
<A href="">Mkfs performance enhancement
<A href="">WBEM update
<A href="">Sendmail 8.10
<A href="">Multithreaded Programming Guide update
Platform Support :
<A href="">Set default router during installation
<A href="">Netscape 4.75
<A href="">Supports Netra t11xx alarms
<A href="">Solaris print manager update
<A href="">Reconfiguration coordination manager phase II (generic APIs)
<A href="">Netra Lights Out Management
<A href="">Solaris Smart Card Administrator guide update
<A href="">Smart card support
<A href="">Sun Netra ct systems
<A href="">Solaris Web-based enterprise management (WBEM) 2.4 includes Sun WEBM Software Developer Kit (SDK) 2.4 update
<A href="">Solaris management applications
<A href="">Sun Blade 100 system (64-bit kernel only)
<A href="">Sysevent public API
<A href="">Solaris Management Console 2.0 software
<A href="">64-bit hardware cursor support
<A href="">Universal transformation format (UTF-8) release of Turkish and Russian Codeset added to European table
<A href="">Solaris print manager update
Drivers :
<A href="">Solaris Web Start Flash
<A href="">Solaris product registry 3.0
<A href="">Compaq Smart Array RAID, ATI RAGE 128, ATI RAGE XL, ATI RAGE GY, Intel Gigabit
<A href="">Window list update
<A href="">Solaris Smart Card Administrator guide update
Platform Support :
<A href="">Solaris Tunable Reference Manual Update
<A href="">Solaris WBEM Services 2.3 update
<A href="">Sun Fire servers
<A href="">GEM driver update : move to mini-boot
<A href="">Solaris Web Start 3.0
<A href="">Intel CADP driver
<A href="">Sun Validation Test Suite (SunVTS) update
<A href="">SunForum update
<A href="">SysID LDAP support
<A href="">Thai word breaker
<A href="">Types editor
<A href="">UFS concurrent direct I/O (VERITAS quick I/O equivalent)
<A href="">UNIX
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