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vendredi 3 juillet 2009
par  Jerome ROBERT
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la commande : chroot

Comment changer le mot de passe de root quand on est booter sur le
cdrom ou le net ..... (exemple pour Solaris ).
Idem sur Linux est autres unix ayant cette commande.

  1. Aller sur OBP ( STOP A ou init 0 )
  2. boot net (si jumpstart ) ou boot cdrom (software 1/2 )
  3. fsck -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# (disque système
  4. mount -F /dev/dsk/c#t#d#s# /a
  5. /usr/sbin/chroot /a /sbinb/sh
  6. passwd root
  7. cd /
  8. umount /a
  9. reboot

Voila .... plus facile que de modifier les fichiers avec vi ... non ....

Pour en savoir plus : man chroot ....

exemple de man via Solaris :

System Administration Commands			       chroot(1M)

chroot - change root directory for a command

/usr/sbin/chroot newroot command

The chroot utility causes command to be executed relative
to newroot. The meaning of any initial slashes (|) in the
path names is changed to newroot for command and any of
its child processes. Upon execution, the initial working
directory is newroot.

Notice that redirecting the output of command to a file,

chroot newroot command >x

will create the file x relative to the original root of
command, not the new one.

The new root path name is always relative to the current
root. Even if a chroot is currently in effect, the newroot
argument is relative to the current root of the running pro-

This command can be run only by the super-user.

The exit status of chroot is the return value of command.

Example 1 : Using the chroot utility.

The chroot utility provides an easy way to extract tar files
(see tar(1)) written with absolute filenames to a different
location :

example# cp /usr/sbin/static/tar /tmp
example# dd if=/dev/nrst0 | chroot /tmp tar xvf -

Note that tar is statically linked, so it is not necessary
to copy any shared libraries to the newroot filesystem.

See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri-
butes :

cd(1), tar(1), chroot(2), ttyname(3C), attributes(5)

Exercise extreme caution when referencing device files in
the new root file system.

References by routines such as ttyname(3C) to stdin, stdout,
and stderr will find that the device associated with the
file descriptor is unknown after chroot is run.

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